4 New Guests Added!

4 more guests have been added to the show. Can you say “Awesome?”

We knew that you could.


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New Website Coming Soon

Hey Friends. Sorry there haven’t been any updates for a while. We are moving the website to a new server with much more space and better features. We decided to go ahead and give it a new look. It’s almost ready to launch. The address will be the same, it will just look completely different.

Thanks for your patience.

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Additional Guests Added

Let’s add some more incredible guests shall we?

Don Kramer (incredible artist of Wonder Woman, JLA, Nightwing, and more) wanted to be at our last con, but a scheduling conflict kept him from physically attending. But maybe you remember the incredible Captain Marvel he sent us for the Charity Auction? Well, Don has agreed to come on out for our next show in June. Make sure to get in line early for sketches!

Joshua Dysart (writer of Unknown Soldier, Neil Young’s Greendale, Swamp Thing, B.P.R.D. and more) is one of our favorite people in the comics industry. Just stop by his table and chat with him for a few minutes and you’ll quickly learn why.

Cullen Bunn (writer of The 6th gun, Fear Itself: FF, Fear Itself: Black Widow, Fear Itself: The Deep, Superman/Batman, and The Damned) is a local writer who is rapidly on the rise to comicbook superstar status. We think it’s not going to be long before Cullen takes over writing…well…any book he wants.

David Faught is a local artist building his career in the comic industry. He combines a traditional comic style of drawing with a sexy, pin-up girl style for something truly unique that is paying off for him. He’s received offers to draw for comic publishers, Sony, Playboy Magazine, and to do Storyboards for independant movies.

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Four New Guests Added

It’s a Western Missouri Invasion!

We have 4 great talents from the other side of the state making the trip into St. Louis, MO to be a part of PROJECT:Comic Con in June.

Jeremy Haun (artist of Artifacts, Red Hood: Lost Days, Berserker), Kevin Mellon (artist of Heart, Lovestruck, Gearhead), Dennis Hopeless (writer of Lovestruck, Gearhead, Legion of Monsters) and Kyle Strahm (artist of We Will Bury You, Negative Burn, Hack/Slash) have all agreed to be a part of the next PROJECT:Comic Con.

We’re glad that these guys are going to come out and help us make the next show our best one yet!

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IDW Editor-in-Chief to attend PROJECT:Comic Con

IDW Publishing will be sending Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall out to our show. Besides being the Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief, Chris is also an accomplished writer. His writings can be found in the pages of several titles, including Clive Barker’s The Great & Secret Show, Groom Lake, Zombies vs. Robots, Transformers, Weekly World News, Land of the Dead, and more.

After we informed Chris of our dedication to getting the local artists in the St. Louis area exposure to editors and industry professionals, he graciously agreed to do short portfolio reviews during the show. We are grateful he is willing to help us prove how awesome the comic artists in St. Louis really are.

At a later date, we will post the times that Chris will be reviewing portfolios. We strongly recommend that any who are interested in having a portfolio review take a few minutes and READ THE IDW SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

For more information about Chris Ryall, check out his blog: RYALL TIME

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New Guest Added – Mike McKone

Artist Mike McKone has recently been added to our guest list. Mike has drawn several comics for both Marvel and DC. His art can be found in the pages of Avengers Academy, Exiles, The Amazing Spider-Man, Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Punisher War Zone, Justice League of America, Justice League International, and many more.

We’re thrilled to have Mike be a part of our next show.

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First Guests Announced!

Some incredible talents are turning out to the next convention.

Denny O’Neil, Kenneth Rocafort, Eric “EBAS” Basaldua, Javier Saltares, and more.

You can view the current list of guests here.

Check back often as we add additional guests to the show.

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